Angry Murlocs

Multi Gaming Community

We are Murloc! Mmmrrrggglll!!!

World of Warcraft Classic
[DE] Angry Murlocs

Server: Everlook
Guild: Angry Murlocs
Language: only german

[DE] Angry Murlocs

Shakes & Fidget
[INT] Angry Murlocs

World: INT #37
Guild: Angry Murlocs

7 Days to Die
[DE/EU] Angry Murlocs | 8k Map | Modded


200% EXP | 150% LOOT
Economy System | Vote Rewards
Custom Mods, Quests & Commands
SafeZone | Jail | Shop | Live Map

Player and vehicles storage expanded
Vehicles speed increased
Brighter Headlights
Custom UI
Vehicles respawning
Trader balanced
Trader reward system
No power wire relay
Nailgun and hammer build/upgrade speed increased
Zombie hit range reduced
Custom zombies

Vote Live Map